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Mark Zuckerberg. We all know him from Facebook, but what else do we know about him?
Maybe you saw the movie ‘The Social Network’, what goes about Mark Zuckerberg’s life and career . We think we know him, but is that true?

Mark was an Harvard freshman with an gift for computer programming. Later he became a miljonair because of his invention: Facebook. He transformed a dorm-room project into the internet’s biggest global village. But for all that success, he had confronted bitter battles and losses over Facebook Organs.  In 2004, at the age of 19, he created Facebook. Mark wanted to connect people and was convinced that the world would be a better place if we were all connected.


David Kirkpatrick wrote a book about Mark and Facebook, called ‘The Facebook Effect’. He studied Mark’s life for over two years.  Mark is born in 1984 and grew up in Dobbs Ferry.
He got three sisters and because he is his parents only son , they treated him like a prince and gave him all the support he needed. Because of his childhood he became a person who had no problem with self-confidence.
Mark taught himself the difficult computer language C++. Later he created with his school friend Adam D’Angelo ‘Synapse’ and he was fending of offers from Microsoft for buying Synapse for a lot of money.

Big name companies wanted to hire him, but Mark was not impressed at all. Instead of making a deal, he went to Harvard in 2002. But it didn’t took long of he got into trouble, he hacked the school computers and collected images of students. Mark created Facemash, where you could rate the Harvard student by there hotness. Eventually Mark shut down Facemash, under pressure, because he was accused of violating copyright and disturbing privacy. But Harvard was not a bad time at all for Mark. He met his future friend en business partner Eduardo Saverin there.

Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook

Three man, the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra came up with the idea of ‘Harvard Connection’ and asked Mark to join them. Mark said that he would help them with their network site, but at the same time he was creating a similar social network site with his new business partner Eduardo and he was misleading the three man from Harvard. The Winklevoss twins and Narendra thought that Mark was working on their site, but all Mark thought about was Facebook. When the Harvard site had to be ready, Mark released his site ‘thefasebook’ instead.
Nobody was expecting that. Mark wanted his own thing and if somebody was against him, he will crush them and that is what he did.

This is the start of the career of Mark Zuckerberg and whatever he did in the past, his creations are amazing. Facebook has more then 900 million users and many people are addicted to this genius social network site. So what Mark did was maybe not so nice, but the results are overwhelming and magnificent!

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