Web of Hate

Schoolyard bullies came in to the World of the internet. Cyber bullying is rising in Australia and one of the four students is being bullied online. The reactions are from a depression till a suicide. And with the growing social media, it is hard to stop the rising numbers of cyber bullying.

Michael Carr-Greg is a Child Psychologist. He says: “The bully has reached into the part of their world they communicate with, with there friends and they feel a massive intrusion. They find it extremely difficult to move away from it. We give the advice, block and delete, but it is much easier saying then it’s done. Because they rely on the technology, to stay in touch with their friends who aren’t bullying them.”


The seventeen year old Kat Bernard took her life, because of bullying. Kat had problems with her family and she had a depression. The day she got home from her first day at an new school she told her best friends that she felt lonely en was going to take a walk, like she always does when she feels upset. But this time she didn’t came back. When her friends got worried they called her and she was already at the train station. “Call me back in 20 minutes” Kat said and her friends replied with “You better pick up then!” Kat answered “I will”, but then her friends got a text message from her in which she said goodbye. Because Kat was depressed her friends knew it could happen, but that was not the reason she jumped. Bullying was he final straw.

Australia has the most cyber bullying cases in the world. But the most young people, who are getting bullied, don’t talk to anyone who can help them.
Michel says that parents should talk to their children at an early age, that if something is bothering them they wouldn’t judge them, but that they can work on it together.
The government has many help sites, but the young people say that it wouldn’t help.


Lloyd Kennedy was target on the Facebook page Root Rating, by some of his old girlfriends. They spread many rumors about him. Because the untrue rumors were posted online, everyone could read them. Lloyd feels embarrassed, because his whole city had heard or read it and he don’t know if they believe the rumors or not. But it all got worse. He got prank calls and someone made a website called Kill Lloyd Kennedy. He took this as a threat and went to the police. They said there is nothing they could do, it’s just a childish thing and this people need to grow up and you need to let go.

Off course the police does everything they could do to help, but it is hard to convict them of cyber bullying. So if you are getting bullied, ignore them and talk to someone who can help you get trough this.

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